strategisk illustration

We have been working for a period of time together with DT Group as part of their transformation of strategy.
When they were about to enter a new strategy, the first thing they needed was a visualization of the strategy – making it easier to understand and process. We decided on a strategy drawing as part of their internal communication process.
The drawing is constructed as several small stories which all relate to the different departments of DT group.
This drawing has been blown up to one giant poster, as well as posters for offices and hallways.

As part of the strategy process, we also helped DT Group Finance making visual material for the strategy process in that department. We made a small pixi-book, describing the process from the old strategy to the new one using storytelling.

Besides the strategy drawing and the pixi book we have produced several films for DT Group – a few of them directly related to the new strategy process.
All in all the work process has been around the new strategy and change management. We have focused our work on creating a story and visual identity for DT Group.

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